His Eyes

His Eyes - Renee Carter Disappointing. I was attracted by the premise of His Eyes where a girl, Amy, is hired to babysit a blind guy named Tristan who is having a hard time accepting his current condition. I expected that it will be more about Amy reaching out to Tristan but it seems like the book loses its focus entirely the moment Tristan's ex-girlfriend makes her entry. The sad thing is I cannot really see the authentic reason to put the ex-girlfriend's character in the story at all. She doesn't add on anything important and the reason that she suddenly comes back to Tristan is beyond ridiculous. It feels that the only reason of her abrupt, superficial entrance is to heat up the book a little bit, though to me, the effect is completely the opposite. All in all, His Eyes does have a potential to be a good book but it suffers, severely, from choppy writing and poor editing.The storyline does not seem to progress anywhere while the character development is nearly non-existent. Despite being a very quick read, this isn't something I would recommend.