Whisper of Light (Light, #2)

Whisper of Light - Jennifer DeLucy There is nothing worse than living in a house full of sentient but knowing that you are not really part of them. You are just an ordinary girl – without any endowment, any extraordinary talent – and this means that you require protection from other sentient, being an unneeded burden to them when you and your group are in danger. This is how Nicole feels and this is the world that she lives in. What makes it worse is that, without the supernatural ability, her father sees her as a failure, as a nothing, as an embarrassment and pretty much determine to make her life a living hell. She has nowhere else to go. Her guilt over certain thing that happened in the past trapped her here, in this house, with an awful father and group of extraordinary people. Being here makes her realise how small, how worthless she really is.Nevertheless, the arrival of a new Combatant, Christian Wright, to Wendell’s group lightens thing up a bit for Nicole. He treats her well and for the first time in her life, there is someone out there who sees and accepts her just the way she is. Christian, who initial purpose to join the group is to run away from the past that haunted him in Seers of Light (click the title for full review), begins to feel that there is something connects himself to Nicole. He starts letting himself to think that there is still possibility for him to find love, something he has stop believing in after what had happened in his old group. However, the self-consciousness and insecurity that get in the way proves that building this relationship is harder than it may seem. Whisper of Light is a book about a journey towards self-discovery and self-endurance. To move on is to let the past goes. The question is: Are they strong enough to make that happen?I have to admit that when I knew Whisper of Light is not really a continuation of Lillian’s journey from Seers of Light, I was left sceptical and a little disappointed. The fact that Christian was not entirely my favourite in the previous book makes this feeling even worst. But soon as I started reading, I realised that the sequel might be different, but it is unique and interesting nonetheless. The author, Jennifer DeLucy, has masterfully creates a spin-off that lets readers view the personality of the characters from a totally distinct light. One of the things that I like most in this book is the change of scenery and atmosphere from the first instalment. This gives a new breath to Whisper of Light and it was so well-written that you feel as if you are really there with this group of Northwest sentient. What this book lack of, I think, is the amount of action. There are some small adventures here and there but none is as intense as found in Seers of Light. Still, what this book shorts of is made-up in its in-depth emotional tone, where there are number of parts so intense, so moving you cannot help but really feel for the characters.The aspect that serves as the backbone of the book is indeed its row of well-developed casts. There are numbers of them in this book (in the whole series, in fact!) but it feels like the author managed to create each and every one of them with different personality and most important of all, purposes of their own. I truly admire the female lead in this book, Nicole, as she is such a strong-willed, sweet person yet have a very fragile heart at the same time. Her personality and situation are being described in a detail way till it is so easy to relate to her and understand her predicament. The change in Christian’s attitude is also remarkable, surprising and I found that my thought on him begins to change. So I think it would be interesting to see the further development in this character in the next instalment. The other thing that I really appreciate is the fact that DeLucy does not create the love interest between these two based on lust, but instead begins it with something far deeper and sweeter. The pace of this book is a little slow but I honestly feel that it suits the tone, the atmosphere and the theme just perfect.As the conclusion, I feel that the number of distinctions between Whisper of Light and its predecessor make these books even more memorable in minds of the readers. If Seers of Light is filled with heart-pounding action and Whisper of Light is saturated with heart-warming love story, I really cannot wait to see what else Delucy has for us in store for the final book in the series. Such an astounding book that I thoroughly glad I got the chance to read. I believe you should too!Taken from my bookblog: The Bibliophile's Journal