The Gunslinger  - Stephen King It is hard to believe that I ended up enjoying this book so much. It started off incredibly slow and it definitely takes a little bit of time for me to get used to the language and the author’s style of writing.The story was about the Last Gunslinger, Roland of Gilead, as he made his quest across the desert in pursuit of the Man in Black and ultimately reaching the Dark Tower (Which does not happen in this first book, of course). Throughout this journey, he met quite a few interesting characters which include people in the town of Tull (Alice was one of them) and also a boy named Jake that Roland ended up really cared about. A lot of things happened (sweet things, gruesome things – you named it!) to these characters and in one way or another, it seems like all of them serve some specific roles in the whole story. However, what the roles really are still remain unclear.Although the story might be confusing at first, it is hard not to feel enchanted by this alternate world that King created. It is also impossible to feel not attracted to the mysteries that revolved around Roland and the Man in Black. I think this was the essence that keeping me leafing through the book, pages by pages. So many mysteries involved and so many mysteries yet to be solved. I believe that if you’re a big fan of The Lord of The Rings, you’d also be glad to join Roland in his quest to the Dark Tower.