The Haunted E-book

The Haunted E-book - J.L. Bryan Reading is the finest route that someone can take to briefly escape from the nagging sound of reality. A journey that an avid readers willingly walk through in order to get to another world where he or she no longer needs to be the player but settle for a role as a mere observer. Though what if this supposedly short journey morphs into a winding nightmare that one cannot disembark from? What if during that journey, you unleash something that could torment your life and those that you love?That is what happens to Dee, a young librarian from a very small town, whose life has not been the one that she once hoped for. She hardly gets lucky with her career and even with her romantic relationship but things start to go down further ever since she stumbles upon a book called “The Haunted E-Book”, written by an unknown author. Without realising it, her life is now controlled by this unknown spirit that threatens to kill her if she ever stops reading the book. There is no stepping down from this heart-pounding rollercoaster ride, where the reader has now become part of the pawns played by this sinister anonymous author. Will Dee be able to uncover the truth behind this mysterious book and comes out of this creepy, nightmarish journey alive?There is no doubt that that JL Bryan is one versatile author. He did a remarkable job with his previous book, Jenny Pox (click title to see my review), and despite moving on to something completely different, he managed to nail it yet again. When I first skimmed through The Haunted E-Book, I thought I would be confused by its multitier plots, where there is story within story, but once I start reading, everything just flowed smoothly. This proved that Bryan has an outstanding talent in manoeuvring the story skilfully and also developing and arranging the plot neatly that it makes it much easier for readers to follow. Another thing that I truly appreciate is that the author tied every single lose ends together at the ending. I understand the purpose of each character in the book better and also learn the secret that revolves around the book and also its writer.The strength of The Haunted E-Book definitely lies in its mystifying villain and also its creepy plots. I like that the author does not overload the readers with all information at once but rather reveal things little by little and this surely increase the level of suspense in the book. The thing that I like most in The Haunted E-Book is actually the history of the villain himself, his job as a tramp printer and also the person he really was when he was still alive. I seriously wish that this history part is written in a much greater length because I feel that this is the most crucial part as it gives more dimensions to the book. Nonetheless, it still provides readers with some great details that are needed to answer some of the questions that they might have whilst reading. Bryan also portrays the main character in the book, Dee, in a very interesting way. She seems broken on the surface but her tenacity and will to keep going is truly inspiring. What fate that befell her in the end? Well, that is for me to know and for you to find out!In the nutshell, The Haunted E-Book is one interesting book that will keep readers turning the page until they find the answers to all of their questions. This book is indeed not for one with a faint heart and I don’t think it is suitable for young readers either due to its graphical nature as well as some of its mature contents. Though if you are one that is looking for something different and will creeps you out, this is definitely for you. Last but not least, to all readers – beware while reading – cause you don’t know what you’re going to unleash and let roaming the world after this... *evil laugh*Taken from my book blog: The Bibliophile's Journal