Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires Series #1)

Glass Houses - Rachel Caine My Review: Claire Danvers only dream is to pursue her studies at an Ivy League college but that is not something that her parents agree with. Since she is still very young, they think she should enroll to somewhere closer to home like at the Texas Prairie University in Morganville. However, they don’t know what they actually get Claire into. Morganville might seem like any other city in the world, but it holds its own dark secret that nobody knows until they settled in the city. Once they moved there, there is no way for anyone to escape the city. Even if they are allowed to, every memory they have regarding the city will be erased forever. Human might drive the politics in Morganville, but the real backbone of the city is actually powered by – Vampires.After being bullied by several mean girls in TPU, Claire is left with no other choice other than finding new, safer place to live. Here she meets a trio – Michael, Shane and Eve – who occupies the Glasses house. They gladly accept her in and in no time, they become close-knitted friends that back each other up whenever problems arise. Claire only finds out the truth about Morganville during her stays at her new place where she learns that human and vampires live “symbiotically” with each other in which humans are required to donate blood monthly for you-know-what and in return, they’ll get protection from the vampires. As the story moves on to the next chapters, readers are being introduced to more interesting characters like a biker guy whose seeking revenge for his family’s death, Myrnin, an ancient bloodsucker with some mental condition and Bishop, another ancient vampire, who believes that harmony is not vampires style of living. With huge cliffhanger at the end of every books, Caine leaves the readers sitting at the edge of their seats, craving for more action in the next book in the series.The Morganville Vampires Series is such an electrifying read complete with enough suspense and mystery to keep readers constantly on the edge. Caine successfully created this multi-layered vampire town with history of its own causing this story to be somewhat original as compared to the other vampire stories out there. I especially love how she explains some of the intricate and crucial matters in small parts, letting the readers bombarding themselves with endless questions yet only to get the answers little by little. This surely thickens the suspenseful atmosphere and makes the plots even more exciting.Another strength of this series comes in the dynamics between the four main characters. Even though it seems like most of the thing that happens revolve around Claire, the story does feel more alive when all four of them combine forces to fight the problems or solve the mysteries together. The addition of more colourful, interesting characters as the story goes on added more enjoyment to readers’ reading experience. I enjoyed having Myrnin, the loony vampire, in the book, as his presence seems to lighten up the stressful atmosphere. I honestly picked up these books without expecting for anything though I’m glad to say that I am pleasantly surprise at how good it all turn out to be as the story gets to its ending. This stories created by Caine are truly enchanting. I cannot wait to read the subsequent chapter in this series!Final Verdict: Highly enjoyable books that I highly recommended to those who love paranormal books. The series combine suspenseful moments, edgy mysteries, juicy romance and light, funny banters that keep readers wanting more. Read more: