Seers of Light

Seers of Light - Jennifer DeLucy My Review: Being different is something that Lillian Hunt has gotten used to for her entire life. Growing up in the hands of her grandparents after her mother left and her father passed away, Lily often finds herself having trouble fitting in and socializing with those of her own age. However, when her dreams start becoming too real and she sees and hears things that are not really there, she begins to worry that she has indeed growing insane. Everything changes when she suddenly encounters a danger during a walk in the wood and is saved by a young man, Christian, who later tells her that she is more than she leads herself to believe. She is then trusted into a world she never knows exist, world that previously belongs to her mother, the world where Sentients – gifted humans with special talents – exist to control the supernatural beings and help keeping the balance in the world. As Lily is apart of this Sentient’s world, she also has her own power that she must learn to control and use at certain circumstances. What sort of endowment that Lily possessed and how does the new community of Sentients that takes her in helps her to learn the power that she only now finds out she has all along? Debut author, Jennifer DeLucy, has successfully created a very interesting, intense and well thought-out world that is similar to our own though filled with supernatural beings and humans with supernatural abilities. Seers of Light is indeed an intensifying read that takes me by surprise and completely blows my mind away. It starts off rather slow at first but the story builds up quickly after the background has been established. Another aspect of Seers of Light that startles me is the fact that it is dialogue-driven, which is something I’m not completely used to before. It is distracting at first but nonetheless; it tremendously helps in picturing the development and chemistry between characters a lot better. Another interesting part of Seers of Light is its characters. There are quite a lot of them in this book and it is surprising to see that each and every one of them is multidimensional and has their own important, distinct and unique roles. Among them all, I feel that the most important characters are: (1) Lily – a likeable and practical character that knows what she wants and is able to handle any hardship that happens in her life, (2) Christian – the “Combatant” that rescued Lily in the wood is a very emotional character but there are reasons as to why he behaves that way and (3) William – a mysterious, attractive and interesting character that feels like he has no where in the world that he could fit in. It is very interesting to see the development of these three characters and the connection between them as the story goes on.DeLucy has indeed created a novel that rich with terrifying mystery and astounding storyline, weaves with delicious, intricate romance. The ending of this book gives closure to readers while at the same time, opens the door to possible sequel, which I hope will be released in near future. All I can say about this novel is: I.Need.More!Final Verdict: Enchanting and utterly refreshing, Seers of Light is indeed a must read especially to those who love paranormal romance. I don't think I've come across book such as this one before. Definitely an original.Memorable Quote: Taking a step forward, I stood in the light, tilted my head back and closed my eyes. It held my face and wrapped its arms around my shoulders, and for the very first time, I let hope in – Lily Hunt*Received from Omnific Publishing for review