Poison Study [POISON STUDY]

Poison Study  - Maria V. Snyder The practice of magic is strictly forbidden in Ixia. However, in the home of General Brazell, series of experiments are conducted to measure magical abilities of some orphans that the general and his minions abducted at very young age. Yelena is one of them. Initially, the orphans regard General Brazell as a father figure that they don’t have. Nevertheless, when the once harmless tests turn into torture, they begin to see the demon that resides behind the general’s shield. The general gives up on Yelena when she failed one of her test and hands her to his son, Reyad, to do whatever he pleases to her. When the situation turns sadistic, Yelena has no choice other than to kill Reyad in self-defence. She now faces an execution for the murder that she commits. Given an option, whether to face the noose or serve the Commander as a food tester, Yelena ends up chooses life over death. Does the choice she made worth it? Or she is left with more problems in hand than she previously did?Poison Study ferociously grabs readers with its intense plot, heart-stopping action and delicate romance. Snyder has proved that she is one of the authors, who are not afraid to present the gruesome details of Yelena’s world descriptively in her writing; which is something I truly appreciate. She successfully enthralled readers with her impressing world-building and the way she creates the nail-biting atmosphere in Poison Study. The setting of the world that Yelena lives in is complete with its own rigid, unfaltering legal and political systems, which are different from our own. While there is something we call justice in our world, such term cease to exist in Yelena’s as any kind of murder committed outside of the war will directly send the doer to the noose. Difference like this one pique my curiosity towards this book and make it even more appealing.The characters line-up in Poison Study is definitely another thing in this books that I really admire. Yelena is portrayed as a strong-willed, sarcastic and resourceful character. She is extremely strong mentally from the very beginning and I feel that no one can stand tall with the strain that she is under but Yelena never falter, never gives up and keeps on moving forward. Later, with chain of trainings she rises to be someone stronger physically and is able to go into combat as if she was born with such talent. Valek, the man in-charge of the food taster, is another mysterious character that I come to love. The complexity of his character is rather intriguing and I absolutely love the way his interaction with Yelena change throughout the book. The thing that happens between them is rather subtle yet solid, without consuming the entire plot of Poison Study.Overall, Poison Study is definitely a book that I thoroughly enjoyed. With its invigorating plot, intense atmosphere and fast-paced action, Maria V. Snyder plunged readers to a grotesque world where killing is make necessary for one to remain alive and to gain power. This is indeed a book that you don’t want to miss.Taken from my book blog: The Bibliophile's Journal