The Way of Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy #1)

The Way of Shadows (Night Angel Trilogy #1) - Originally posted on The Bibliophile's JournalGo to site to read full reviewThe Night Angel Trilogy is indeed a series that amazed me in so many levels. I didn’t put any expectation when I first picked up these books as they are not the kinds that I normally read but I’m pleasantly surprised to see how they are able to blow me away with mind blowing plots, unique characters and impressive world building. The trilogy is definitely a series that has it all: from story about adventure full of action, magic and violence to story about love packed with laughter, affections and heartbreaks. The beginning of the first instalment, The Way of Shadows, maybe a little confusing initially because it starts off from multiple angles and many loose ends are left open. However, as the story goes on, the author – Brent Weeks – expertly weaves each separated stories and slowly reveal the bigger picture, one that I honestly never sees coming. This totally proves that he is one of those extraordinary writers that have an incredible talent in writing and holding the suspense from the beginning to the end.Another one aspect that I really appreciate in The Night Angel Trilogy is that it never really lost its stride. In every books, there are continuous heart pounding actions interweave with some tender moments that tend to occur during unexpected circumstances. The characters that Weeks created for this series are all complex, multi-layered and fit within the dark, unforgiving world that he created. Each and every one of them is complete with their own strengths, weaknesses and also secrets that are slowly unfold throughout the series. However, like many other epic fantasy books, this trilogy also contains so many characters, plot twists and in depth storylines. These maybe drawbacks for some readers as they may cause major confusion and difficulties in understanding everything that the author tries to convey. Though believe me, the more you read, the more you’ll discover and Weeks definitely did an excellent job in unravelling every single knots and confusions that readers have once they start reading his books. Do trust me when I said the wait and anticipation are totally worth it.Without any doubt, The Night Angel Trilogy is definitely one of the best series that I completed in 2011. The author introduced readers to a world so awful and so devoid of any ethical sense. A world where people are willing to kill one another to gain power, willing to eat one another just to survive. This is the kind of series that will scare you with its gruesome details and also fill you with hopes and despairs. A remarkable read that I recommend to all.